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Unless they are an experienced builder or home inspector, no homeowner can be expected to know all there is to know about the correct standards for home construction.  However, if you are about to start the home buying process, it can be helpful to learn at least some property requirements so that you avoid wasting your time pursuing a property that would end up being an unwise investment.  We are going to consider just one of those requirements, the properties grading.

First of all, what is grading? A property should be built to have a certain amount of slope (grade) surrounding the foundations of the home.  This is so that water runs away from the building preventing it from gathering and pooling around the foundations.  Pooling water can create a variety of problems for the home and should also sound a warning for any potential buyer.

What is the right amount of grade for a property? While you should always check the building codes that are in place for your specific location, the majority of organizations will agree that the property should have about 6 inches of slope for the first 10 feet surrounding the home, this would provide around a 5 percent grade.  Do not worry if the property has more than this, though, it might even be better.

After this very brief guide on grading, it’s clear that even a little knowledge will help you to make the right choice of home.

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