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Many of us are currently spending a lot more time at home lately so, it’s likely that we are taking some time to accomplish those tasks around the house that we have been putting off.

Perhaps you are thinking of cleaning out your garage if so, it might also be a good time to access any potential fire risks. 

The garage is probably one of the area’s most at risk of fire in the home.  The reason is that it’s usually where we store many flammable items such as cleaning supplies, gas canisters and decorating materials, etc.  It is also the area where we often work on our cars and gardening equipment.  So, here are a few fire prevention safety tips:

Although we may have sufficient smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in the house, what about the garage? Be sure that your garage is equipped with them and check them every month to make sure their batteries do not need replacing.

When working in the garage take care to immediately clean up any oil or other flammable liquids that may have spilled.  Do not leave oily rags or garbage lying around in the garage for long periods as this could increase the risk of fire.

A huge risk when working in a garage is toxic fumes.  If you are working on your car or any other machinery, make sure the garage door is always open and never keep a vehicle running when the door is closed as hazardous fumes will build up very quickly.  If your garage is attached to your home, have a check of both the connecting door and its frame and look for any cracks or gaps that might be allowing toxic fumes into the house.

The safety of you and your household is a top priority, if you have any questions about garage inspections or any other home inspection query, please feel free to contact us.

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