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Mold can be a real problem in many homes but, if you discover a patch of mold in your home, is it okay to clean it up yourself or should you call in a professional? In general, if the area of mold is not covering an area larger than 10 square feet, it should be fine to clean up yourself. This does depend on a number of factors, however.

  • Before you begin the job of cleaning up the mold you will want to find out the reason mold is developing in the first place. If not, the mold will just keep coming back again. There could be an undetected leak or some other moisture intrusion issue which, if not fixed, will produce greater problems.
  • Mold can be very dangerous and cause a number of health complaints so make sure to wear protective clothing when cleaning up mold, including a respirator mask.
  • You can use water and detergent for cleaning up the mold but it’s important that you make sure there are no traces of it left and that the area is completely dry before applying paint or caulk.
  • It is not just walls that you can discover mold, it will also grow in carpets and soft furnishings. These are a lot harder to clean and remove the stains that mold and mildew leave behind can be very difficult so, in most cases, it might be better to replace them altogether.

If you are concerned about mold in your home why not contact us? We would be very happy to advise you or schedule an inspection.

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