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For many households the kitchen is perhaps the most important room of the house, but did you know that it can also tell you a lot about the condition of the rest of the home? If you are currently house hunting, you may find it especially helpful to be aware of some of the warning signs in a kitchen, that show all is not well with the house.  Here are a few of those warning signs:

Gas ovens have the potential for some serious problems.  If you smell gas odor around the area of a gas oven, it’s important that you find out the reason.

Electrical outlets are another area of the kitchen you will want to check.  They should all be in good working order.

If you notice that the kitchen countertops are damaged, deteriorating grout or cracks in the surface, for example, it’s likely that bacteria will be found.  In such cases, its often better to replace the countertops altogether and, while this isn’t a huge issue, it will be important to add it to your budget.

The kitchen sink is another essential area to check when looking at homes to buy.  Run the water for a little while to check the water pressure. If it seems low, you will want to know why.  Does the water take a long time to drain? Again, its good to find the reason why it is slow.  Take a look under the sink and in the surrounding cabinets, do they show signs of water damage that would suggest a leak?

If the kitchen has a dishwasher, this is another area that should be thoroughly checked.  Try to take a look at the hoses and seals and see if you notice any signs of damage.  If water has been leaking from the dishwasher, it could cause anything from rotting subfloors to mold problems. 

So, when looking at properties to purchase, don’t be satisfied with just a quick glimpse at the kitchen.  If you delve a little deeper you may find out the real condition of the home.

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