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Weather exposure year-over-year can cause wear and tear on your deck. Make it look good again with little first aid. Here’s a to do list:

  • Wash your deck. Remove the dirt and any wood fibers with a pressure washer. Keep the pressure moving to avoid gouging the wood. Make sure your deck dries overnight before the next step.
  • Fix the nail pops. If you notice any loose nails coming away from the boards remove the nails. And then use a screw that’s longer than the nail to re-attach the board.
  • Repair any split wood. Mark the board that’s damaged cut the board and remove any nails or screws from the damaged board. Use deck screws to attach a pressure-treated 2 x 4“ support black to the joist. And then cut a replacement board to size, pre-drill, and fasten it to the support Black and Joyce with screws.
  • Stain and seal the deck. To preserve your deck without changing the color use a clear wood preservative that comes with a UV protector. This will bring life to the surface while protecting it from the elements.
  • If you want to add color use an exterior stain first. Exterior stairs come in both solid and semi-transparent finishes.
  • Allow the deck to dry for 48 hours and then apply a sealant.
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