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It’s never a good time for a power outage. Power outages present lots of inconveniences. But the inconveniences can be lessened if you take steps to prevent further damage. Here are some additional tips to think about when faced with a power outage. 

There are  several things that you should NEVER do during an outage:

  • Delay phoning the power company of interruptions. Power companies need to know when service has been interrupted. So it’s always best to let the power company know as soon as possible if you have a power outage.
  • Light candles. Your best source of providing light is with a bright lantern. Fires can occur when candles tip over. They also do not provide a bright enough light.
  • Let your phone die. Save your phone until you need it and preserve as much of the battery as possible. If the power goes out for a few days you may need your phone for emergency services.
  • Keep electronics plugged in. Unplug electronics as soon as the power goes out. Taking plugs out around the house offers protection against electrical surges when the power comes back on.
  • Unplug everything. Leave one light plugged in somewhere, you’re going to see it when the power goes back on.
  • Open the fridge. Every time you open the fridge you let cool air out. The fridge can hold food at the same temperature for at least four hours so try not to open the freezer or fridge raider and less absolutely necessary.
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