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Proper maintenance of gutters can help prevent costly water damage to our homes and significantly extend the life of our gutters. Here are a few ways to keep gutters in good shape so they last for years.

  • Keep the gutters clean. You should clean out your gutters three times a year to ensure that they stay free-flowing and the exterior of the gutters do not get stained.
  • Check to make sure that your splash blocks are angled so that the water flows away from the foundation of the house. They should not be angled tore any walkways or driveways as this could cause a slipping hazard.
  • A tune-up of the gutters every few years is also important. This includes re-securing and re-pitching gutters, resealing corners, and reattaching any loose downspouts and elbows.
  • Check to make sure that gutters are not clogged. How do you know? Look for gutters that are restricting water flow or have discoloration. Do you see erosion below the gutter line?
  • Clean the gutters using a combination of laundry detergent bleach and water. This solution can be either sponged or spray to the gutters or you can use a soft bristle brush. Allow the solution to remain for 15 to 20 minutes and then rinse with a hose.

Keeping your gutters clean and well maintained is essential for all homeowners. Invest time in one of your most treasured investments.

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