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At this time of crisis, we may be giving a lot of thought to our elderly or infirm neighbors and loved ones and thinking of all the ways we can be of assistance.  While we are doing everything we can to help, it might be a good time, if you are still able without putting them at risk,  to have a check through their homes and see if there are any obvious safety hazards that would put them in danger.  Here are a few examples of high-risk areas:

The bathroom is where many slipping and falling accidents occur.  Check that there are enough grab bars and anti-slip mats fitted both inside the tub or shower as well as outside.

Corded appliances can present a huge tripping hazard, especially if they are stretching over high traffic areas.  If this is the case, make sure you fix them firmly against a wall.  You could also move the furniture around so that any electrical appliances are positioned close to electrical outlets, reducing the need to stretch them across a room.  Be careful too, that there are no electrical cords underneath rugs as this would pose a fire risk.

If the home has more than one floor, the staircase will be another area of concern.  Ideally, handrails should be fitted on both sides of the stairs for added support.  Inspect them to make sure they do not wobble.  Make sure any carpeting is not coming loose and check that there is adequate lighting on and around the staircase.

These are just some of the areas you can inspect in a home, if you can, to make sure it is safe for those more vulnerable.

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