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How do you deal with wildlife around your home? Some homeowners choose to attempt to peacefully cohabit with the wildlife, while others constantly are in a battle with any critter they find. Of course, having wildlife around the home is a big step from having them inside, but that is a risk when living in some areas.
Some of them might just be annoying, but there are some that can damage your property, be harmful to your health, or even outright dangerous.
To keep wildlife away, you need to remove the three things they come looking for – food, shelter, and water. One common mistake of homeowners is to leave their food scraps in the garbage where animals can smell them from far away. If at all possible, keeping your garbage in a shed that closes tight will lessen the risk that it attracts wildlife.
You should also ensure that your home is sealed up well since there are rodents that can make it through cracks that are so tiny they might even be hard for you to spot.

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