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Reducing your home’s energy costs and improving energy efficiency is something every homeowner can do. It can be surprisingly easy to run a home on less energy and there are many ways to do it. We are going to concentrate on one area, sealing and insulating.

A home that is tightly sealed can not only improve the indoor air quality and comfort of the home, but it can reduce the amount you spend on utility bills as well. It is also something that most homeowners can do themselves.

One area that may warrant particular attention is the attic space. As we are aware, hot air rises so air leaks are more likely to occur in the attic. Any larger holes you see will need to be plugged. Places that would see the biggest leaks are behind or under attic knee walls, dropped ceiling areas, and where the wall meets the attic floor. Seal up small holes. These are easy to notice because insulation may become darkened. You may also want to seal your attics access panel with some weatherstripping or foam board insulation.

What other areas of the home may need to be sealed or insulated? As we have mentioned, attic hatches are one area. Here are a few others; window frames, electrical outlets or receptacles, doors, baseboards, around pipes, and window or wall mounted air conditioning units.

Yes, inspecting your home for areas in need of sealing and insulating is one way to greatly reduce your home’s heating and cooling costs, making it much more energy-efficient.

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