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Why is the spring roof inspection so important? Spring is when it is easier to spot roofing issues. You can check it yourself or hire someone to inspect it.

It’s easier to spot damage when the sun is shining brightly on your roof. After clearing away debris, leaves and performing general maintenance you can run through an inspection checklist. It’s easier to spot missing shingles, cracks, water damage, and signs of wear. 

Spring is a dryer warmer season without being blazing hot which provides the best temperatures and conditions for inspections and repairs. Roofing work performed during a dry season will allow for repairs to be sturdy lasting and effective. It will prevent any potential unwanted weather damage if those repairs are more extensive or require an entire roof replacement. 

Spring is also the best time to schedule roof maintenance and repairs. This maintenance ensures that your bills don’t climb during the summer months, by means of remediating opportunities for cold air to escape or for unwanted elements to get in.

The older a roof and the more it is exposed to weather extremes the more I can expand structural damage that could make it unsteady. Regular roof inspections and help make sure that your roof is safe and in good shape.

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