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Should I finish my basement? Many homeowners have asked this question repeatedly. A finished basement is a great addition to any home. Transforming the space into an additional living area ensures that this level doesn’t go to waste. Additionally, a remodeled basement will certainly boost your property’s value. Here’s a list of things to consider and know before you finish your basement.

  • Does your basement stay dry? Check your basement for any water issues before you start the planning process. First, look around outside and make sure the ground is graded away from the foundation. Look for any visible signs of water, or foundation cracks and repair them first.
  • Expect a payback on your investment. The basement is going to add new functionality to your home. Perhaps more bedrooms, more storage, and more space to entertain.
  • Your basement remodel can be a DIY project. Leave the plumbing and wiring up to the professionals. However, you can do most of the remodel work yourself. Just remember to check on building permits first.
  • Research and know what flooring option can be used. Not all flooring can work in a basement. It’s best to use vinyl planks or ceramic tile.
  • Check on your heating capabilities and be prepared to test for radon as well.
  • Be prepared to keep out the cold and the warmth in with proper insulation. It’s best to choose an insulation that includes a vapor barrier on both sides.
  • A popular option is a drop ceiling. Why? Because drop ceilings both conceal and provide access to electrical and plumbing lines. This type of ceiling is going to reduce the amount of overhead space, so keep that in mind when you’re planning.

With the proper planning, you can successfully pull off a basement remodel.

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