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Getting something mounted on the wall in your home is something that can sometimes prove difficult. For example, you might have a tv or a large painting, and you would prefer if it didn’t fall off the wall and get ruined before you have even had the chance to enjoy it.

The problem is that in most homes, you only have sheetrock walls and they are definitely not sturdy enough to provide stable support for anything that is even somewhat heavy. This is where wall anchors come in. These simple devices are made for supporting a lot more weight than a sheetrock wall can do on its own. While mounting something in a stud always will be your best option for sturdy support, there are times when it is impossible to find a stud to screw something into. At that time you want to find the wall anchor that will fill your need. They come rated for different weights, but they also come in many different styles. It is important that you know how to install the wall anchor for it to give the rated support. If you install a wall anchor in a wall that is soft for some reason, it might not hold up to the pressure put on it.

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