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A bump key is a type of key that has been cut a certain way that allows it to pick a pin-tumbler lock. Why should this interest you, you may ask? Well, for any homeowner security is a big deal, and given that pin-tumbler locks are one of the most common types of lock in the world, a bump key may pose a serious security risk. This is because it could allow anyone in possession of one the ability to walk right in through the front door if they chose.

How easy is it for someone to get hold of a bump key? This type of key is actually pretty easy to come across, generally, you just need to know the make of the lock that you need the key for. It’s clear to see, then, why a bump key would appeal to a would-be intruder. Another basis for its appeal is that it takes very little skill or time to master using it.

What should you do? If you are worried a bump key could be used to gain access into your home the first thing to do is check to see what kind of locks your home has. If you find that they are pin-tumbler locks it is possible to install bump proof locks, but these may be hard to find and expensive if you do find them. It may be easier for you to install bump resistant locks instead. You may also want to explore other home security options that would raise the alarm if an intruder entered your property.

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